1.corporate philosophy

We contribute to human and social life culture with blockchain technology.

the world everyone get geniunes.

strong points

  • Unique solution
    blockchain technology.
    (NFT:non-fungible token)

  • Our blockchain
    engineer provides
    one-stop support

  • Realizing a world
    without lies through
    the spread of
    authentication system®"
    US:2021-0390557 A1)


blockchain system development business

We are engaged in blockchain system development business that handles a wide range of business areas from blockchain system development to application development corresponding to it, making full use of cutting-edge and reliable original blockchain know-how.

Monitoring and maintenance by a dedicated engineer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ability to respond to complex needs by experienced blockchain engineers. Our carefully selected staff is committed to providing prompt and optimal blockchain system solutions.

We are striving to be a ready-to-use company of the times in preparation for strengthening our ability to respond to the rapidly increasing number of overseas companies and further increasing the needs for blockchain technology in the industry.

"cryptomall authentication system®"( JP:No.6894033, EP:3926568, US:2021-0390557 A1 ) introduction support project

"cryptomall authentication system®" is a patent system that guarantees "authenticity of products" and "transparency of traceability" that is independently developed by utilizing blockchain technology (NFT = Non-Fungible Token).

By utilizing this system, it will be possible to guarantee 100% "authenticity proof" for products that could not be guaranteed with 100% probability and could only make ambiguous "authenticity judgment".

In addition, the "traceability" of the producers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and even the final consumers of the product can be completely made transparent.

By utilizing this system, we aim to eradicate "fake products and pakuri products (market size of 133 trillion yen per year *)" from the world.

※ Source
Isamu Mukouyama 『The impact on the world economy will be 515 trillion yen in 2021! Customs border measures to block intellectual property infringing goods』
Ministry of Finance,2020

2017 『The Theft Of American Intellectual Property: Reassessments Of The Challenge And United States Policy』

※ "cryptomall authentication system®" Introduction site

- english:
- 日本語:

※ "cryptomall authentication system®" Introductory video


mining consulting business

We provide consulting on "cryptomall mining" through a business alliance with "cryptomall oü" headquartered in the Republic of Estonia.

"Cryptomall mining" is a mining business that secures high-dividend "asset management" and immediate depreciation (lump-sum depreciation) "tax saving" by taking advantage of the country's local interests (environmental and political).


  • Jevgenia Kratsko


    Experienced Auditor with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry.

    Graduated from Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA · Accounting and Finance
    Ernst & Young - Senior Financial Auditor
    LK Konsultatsioonid OÜ - Senior Financial Auditor
    Cryptomall OÜ - CEO
  • cso

    Estonian Centre Party Faction - Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee, Rural Affairs Committee

    Estonia-Japan parliamentary group - Chairman

    Former Sumo semi-grand champion

    Promoted to Sumo nes Ozeki (semi-grand champion)
    Retired from Sumo
    Return to Estonia
    Elected in the Estonian general election
    cryptomall OÜ - CSO
  • cto

    Graduated from the Energy department of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

    Wonders Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) - Chubun Sangyo Co.,Ltd. - YSC EXPRESS CORP. - Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • cmo

    Graduated from Suzhou University.

    25 years of web system development experience. 3 years of block chain development experience.

  • marketing strategist

    Graduated from Sydney Institute of Technology Australia.

    BitQue Ltd, UK - infinity

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